Our Process

All projects begin with a design. We use the latest in advanced computer design software. Each project is designed in Autocad and Microvellum cabinet software. With these tools we are able to generate working shop drawings as well as machine code for manufacturing of the designed projects. These powerful programs allow us complete control of our state of the art CNC equipment. With these advanced tools we are able to take ideas to reality. This modern technology is used as a compliment to old world techniques that are still required for many aspects of cabinet and furniture making. Rest assured the fine details are still lovingly created by the hand a highly skilled craftsman.


Wood is a timeless material that has been used for millennia by man for both function and form. The beauty of wood is unmatched. Although we use domestically sourced hardwoods and plywoods for most our projects, occasionally a project requires an exotic hardwood for its strength and beauty. Regardless of the species of wood we use, we complete all projects with a protective finish. We use very durable industry standard conversion varnishes and paints. We also use hand wiping oil based stains with a conversion varnish top coat for unmatched finish quality. We use a state of the art spray facility ensuring not only safety for our workmen but lasting durability and quality for our clients.